Carnegie family burials

Westgarthtown Lutheran Cemetery





Given names
  Agnes Amelia (née Zimmer)   28.06.1897 aged 33
  Agnes Beatrice   11.04.1911 aged 15




Additional information



Agnes Amelia Carnegie (c.1864 – 1897)

Agnes Amelia Carnegie (née Zimmer), the daughter of Michael and Maria (née Graff) Zimmer of Epping, married Sacramento-born William Dalrymple Carnegie (1863-1927) at Fitzroy in 1892. Their first daughter Claudine was born at East Melbourne in 1894 and second daughter Agnes Beatrice in 1896, probably in Canada while W. D. Carnegie was studying medicine there. Agnes Amelia Carnegie was forced to return to Australia in 1897 with a terminal illness (possibly tuberculosis) and died soon after aged 33. She had contributed over £400 toward her her husband’s studies and left further funds from her share of her late parents’ estate in her hastily arranged will for him to complete his medical course.