Ewert family burials

Westgarthtown Lutheran Cemetery





Given names
  Hanna Elisabeth Sophie (née Ihlenfeldt) 19.08.1802 09.09.1869 aged 67
[ Carl (Christian Friedrich Daniel) 13.07.1833, Törpin, Pomerania 16.03.1896 aged 62
Maria (née Rosel)   11.12.1894 aged 55
[ Frederick Daniel 07.12.1876 22.12.1926 aged 50
Florence E. (née Anderson) 25.03.1884 27.04.1972 aged 88
  Mary Magdalene 07.01.1881 09.07.1882 aged 18 months
  Daniel Gustav Adolph 09.02.1875 12.05.1886 aged 11
  Carl Albert 07.01.1881 23.11.1887 aged 6 years




Additional information



Hanna Elisabeth Sophie Ewert (née Ihlenfeldt) (1802 – 1869)

Located within the Ewert plot is a small bluestone memorial. It marks the resting place of Mrs Hanna Elisabeth Sophie Ewert, who died on 9 September 1869 aged 67. This headstone is believed to have been sculpted by the Ewert family itself.


Maria Ewert (née Rosel) (c. 1839 – 1894)

Maria, the wife of farmer Carl Ewert of Wollert, died on 11 December 1894, aged 55, as a result of injuries received in a wagon accident. She and her husband were driving home along High Street, Northcote on 27 November 1894 when the pin came out of the shaft and caused the horses to swerve and to pass over a culvert, ride along a drain, then crash into another culvert, causing Maria's left hand to be crushed against a verandah post. Gangrene set in and she died soon after.









Hanna Elisabeth Sophie Ewert's bluestone memorial

Mary Magdalene Ewert 1882 memorial card

Daniel Gustav Ewert d. 1886 memorial card

Carl Albert Ewert 1887 memorial card

Carl Ewert 1896 memorial card