Graff family burials

Westgarthtown Lutheran Cemetery





Given names
[ Johann   09.06.1888 aged 86
Johanna (née Hobrach)   19.08.1887 aged 84
  Johann Heinrich August 14.06.1867 05.03.1889 aged 21
  Wilhelm Heinrich 12.12.1873 02.08.1875 aged 19 months
  Emma Mary Amelia   31.05.1875 aged 3
  Stillborn son   07.07.1875
Auguste Pauline (née Roy) 20.09.1846 29.05.1876 aged 29
John (Johann August)   05.06.1901 aged 57
Salome (née Metzenthin)   24.12.1904 aged 46
  Heinrich August   18.06.1889 aged 5
  Annie Louisa   20.05.1890 aged 1
  Freda   08.08.1925 aged 1 day
[ Catherine (née Storey)   18.07.1936 aged 63
Charles Henry 12.12.1868 29.10.1942 aged 73
  Tasman Able Jensen 11.08.1908 29.10.1942 aged 34




Additional information



Johann Carl Graff (c. 1829 – 1852)

Johann Graff was digging for gold on the Loddon River near Castlemaine in 1852 when he was killed by a falling tree. He was sleeping in his tent when the tree, set alight by a campfire, fell on him during the night. Although almost certainly buried at Castlemaine, his name appears on the Graff headstone, which at present lies in several pieces.


Emma Marie Graff (c. 1872 – 1875) and Wilhelm Heinrich Graff (1873 – 1875)

These were two young children of Johann and Auguste Graff (née Roy). These children died at Westgarthtown of diphtheria within three months of each other.


Anna Louise Graff (1889 – 1890)

One of Johann and Salome Graff's (née Metzenthin) children. She also died of diphtheria, aged 15 months.









The headstone of Johann and Johanna Graff which also commemorates
their son Johann Graff jun. (d.1852) and grandson Johann Heinrich.

The headstone of Catherine Graff.

The headstone of Auguste Pauline Graff.

The headstone of Emma Mary Amelia Graff who died in 1875 aged 3.

The headstone of Wilhelm Heinrich Graff who died in 1875 aged 19 months.