Grützner family burials

Westgarthtown Lutheran Cemetery





Given names
  Anna Louise 24.09.1856 17.10.1871 aged 15
  Heinrich Julius 26.07.1854 13.12.1882 aged 28
  Marie Louise (née Gründel)   28.08.1890 aged 54
[ Charles John   08.09.1929 aged 63
Elizabeth Augusta (née Proposch) 12.07.1867 05.01.1906 aged 38




Additional information



Julius Heinrich Theodore Grützner (1854 – 1882)

Henry Grützner, the eldest child of Jacob and Marie Grützner, was drowned in a waterhole on the family farm at Westgarthtown. At the inquest, his brother John testified that Henry had left the house with a bucket to get water between 8–9 pm on 13 December 1882 and did not return. John did not worry at the time, thinking Henry must have gone to visit their parents, who ran a store in High Street, Thomastown. In the morning, John saw Henry’s hat floating in the waterhole, raised the alarm and soon after Henry’s body was recovered.









Grutzner monument prior to restoration

Following restoration completed in 2016