Maltzahn family burials

Westgarthtown Lutheran Cemetery





Given names
[ John   08.05.1897 aged 83
Sophia (née Schlunz)   12.05.1898 aged 76
  Louis 06.06.1852 17.01.1930 aged 77
  Bertha 28.02.1856 02.03.1935 aged 78
[ Christian Caspar   01.04.1869 aged 47
Maria Sophia (née Schlunz) 11.06.1830 14.06.1891 aged 61
  Ernest William   03.12.1939 aged 75
  Alwina 28.11.1860 01.12.1870 aged 10
[ Charles   18.08.1919 aged 65
Annie Elizabeth (née Schultz)   06.08.1936 aged 70




Additional information



Maltzahn family

The Maltzahn family members buried in Plot 1 consist of two Mecklenburg born brothers, Johann and Christian Maltzahn, their wives and their numerous descendants. Another brother, Ludwig, also migrated to Australia but returned to Germany during the 1860s.


Christian Caspar Maltzahn (c. 1842 – 1869)

One of the earliest interments here was that of Christian Maltzahn, who died of hepatitis in 1869, aged 47. Another early burial was that of Johann and Sophia Maltzahn’s daughter Alwina, who died in 1870, aged 10. However, like many of Westgarthtown’s other original German and Wendish settlers, Johann and Sophia Maltzahn survived well into old age, having lived long and very useful lives.









John and Sohpia Maltzahn's headstone

Maria Maltzahn's 1891 memorial card