Nebel family burials

Westgarthtown Lutheran Cemetery





Given names
[ Johann Georg Christian 18.12.1791 02.09.1877 aged 85
Anna Dorothea (née Schulze) 20.02.1794 29.10.1877 aged 83
[ George Christian Ernst 11.09.1818 19.06.1893 aged 74
Fredericke (née Born) 18.08.1829 06.06.1915 aged 85
  Anna 03.04.1859 15.04.1867 aged 8
  Hermann 01.06.1856 19.08.1868 aged 12
Martha (née Heiner) 21.10.1866 12.03.1899 aged 32
William 16.08.1857 04.02.1924 aged 66
Agnes Ellen (née Hosie)   19.09.1957 aged 82
  George Ernest 14.01.1893 09.06.1947 aged 54
[ Frederick John 10.12.1868 25.10.1931 aged 62
Hannah Elizabeth (née Falk) 25.01.1877 23.04.1949 aged 73
  Auguste Wilhelmina   15.08.1967 aged 79
  Albert Herman [A] 12.04.1894 12.09.1983 aged 89




Additional information



Nebel family

Three generations of Nebels arrived in Australia aboard the Acmel in 1855. Several Nebel headstones have recently been restored, including that of Georg and Friederike Nebel, which lay for many years in small pieces on the ground. Beside it is the grave of Georg’s parents Georg and Anna Dorothea Nebel.


Strangely, the birth dates inscribed on three of the memorials to German-born members of the Nebel family appear to be incorrect. According to German baptism registers, Georg Sr was born on 18 December 1791, not 2 February 1793; Anna Dorothea was born on 20 February 1794, not 18 March 1796; and Fredericke was born on 18 August 1829, not 28 August 1828. Georg Jr's headstone birthdate appears to be correct.


Martha Nebel (1866 – 1899)

The headstone of Martha Nebel (1866 – 1899) has the following inscription, from the hymn 'Liederschalz', in German.


Wer weiss, wie nahe mir mein Ende?

Hingeht die Zeit, herkommt der Tod:

Ach, wie geschwinde und behende

Kann komen meines Todes Noth!

Mein Gott, ich bitt’ durch Christi Blut

Mach’s nur mit meinem Ende gut.

Who knows, how near is my end?
Times passes, death approaches:

Oh, how promptly and swiftly

The plight of my death may come!

My God, I ask through Christ’s blood,

Let me pass peacefully.







Nebel headstones