Siebel family burials

Westgarthtown Lutheran Cemetery





Given names
[ Johann Gottlob 30.12.1812 Zauchau, Silesia 02.10.1877 aged 64
Christiane (née Neumann) 26.04.1819 Rettkau, Silesia 24.09.1898 aged 79
  Anna Dowlera   19.12.1855 aged 1 month
  Johann Gottlob 05.12.1857 01.04.1858 aged 4 months
  Johann Gottlob   14.03.1859 aged 24 days
  Johann Friedrich 17.07.1860 18.11.1860 aged 4 months
  Annie Maria   02.02.1863 aged 22 days
  Wilhelmine Louise (née Nebel) 18.08.1862 05.06.1890 aged 27
  Tollis 16.05.1904 25.07.1904 aged 10 weeks




Additional information



Johann Gottlob Siebel (1812 – 1877) and Christiane Siebel (1819 – 1898)

The main headstone, with floral motifs embedded among stylised ferns on the upper section and urns on either side of the grave, relates to Johann Gottlob and Christiane Siebel, who built Siebel’s farmhouse. Their son Jack was organist at the Thomastown Lutheran Church for 50 years and one of their grandsons, Albert Siebel, founded the Pura Dairy at Preston to retail Westgarthtown’s milk.


Wilhelmine Siebel (1862 – 1890)

Wilhelmina Louise Siebel (née Nebel), died in 1890, aged 27. Her grieving husband Jack dedicated the following verse to her:


Du kommst nicht wieder her zu mir

In dies betrübte Leben:

Ich aber komm’ hinauf zu dir,

Da werd ich mit dir schweben

In höchster Freude, Wonn und Lust

Die deine Seele taglich kost’t

Drauf ich mich herzlich freue.

You will never come back to me

In this sad life:

But I will ascend to you,

There I will hover with you

In the greatest joy, bliss and pleasure

Daily tasting your soul

To that I am looking forward with all my heart.







Johann Gottlob and Christiane Siebel's headstone

Wilhelmine Louise Siebel's headstone