Winter family burials

Westgarthtown Lutheran Cemetery





Given names
[ Frederick Julius 10.05.1810 24.01.1866 aged 55
Marie Catherina (née Techel) 08.08.1818 13.08.1898 aged 80
  Heinrich   18.05.1856 ‘a few hours’ old
  Emma Bertha 24.04.1857 12.04.1858 aged 11 months
  Johann Friedrich 02.11.1839 Neu-Buckow, Mecklenburg 12.04.1891 aged 51
  Carl August 11.07.1851 09.05.1923 aged 71
  Eliza   31.03.1935 aged 83
  Heinrich Carl 10.03.1861 27.10.1904 aged 43




Additional information




The two large Winter headstones in Plot 12 were recently re-erected after having lain covered by periwinkle on the ground for about thirty years.


Frederick Julius Winter (1810 – 1866) and Marie Catherina Winter (1818 – 1898)

One of the large headstones records the births and deaths of Friedrich and Marie Winter from Mecklenburg. Beneath Friedrich’s name is an inscription in German which reads:


Herr, ich habe lieb die Stätte deines Hauses

Und den Ort, da deine Ehre wohnet.

Lord the area and place of your abode

Is dear to me as your glory dwells therein.


Marie’s inscription reads:


Die richtig vor sich gewandelt haben

Kommen zum Frieden.

Those that have walked faithfully

Will experience peace.









Frederick Julius and Marie Catherina Winter's headstone

Johann Friedrich and Heinrich Carl's headstone