Wuchatsch family burials

Westgarthtown Lutheran Cemetery





Given names
[ John 08.04.1802 Särka, Saxony 29.09.1884 aged 82
Magdalena (née Bartsch) 02.07.1825 Särka, Saxony 27.09.1903 aged 78
  Emma 19.10.1857 14.04.1898 aged 40
  Christina 23.07.1862 19.03.1935 aged 72
[ Charles 16.01.1860 05.07.1946 aged 86
Elizabeth Martha (née Proposch) 01.02.1876 01.09.1905 aged 29
[ Norman Charles 21.07.1902 29.11.1978 aged 76
Muriel Jean (née Dunn) 20.03.1918 23.12.2007 aged 89
[ Johann 07.10.1838 Särka, Saxony 30.09.1892 aged 53
Johanna (née Graff) 02.02.1841 15.08.1923 aged 82
  Carl Peter 26.09.1871 11.11.1872 aged 13 months
  Adolph Charles 24.09.1877 04.03.1878 aged 5 months
  Ernst Adolph 13.09.1884 12.11.1889 aged 5
  Henry John 01.11.1866 10.01.1898 aged 31
  Carl Herman 05.04.1875 18.10.1935 aged 60
[ Joseph David 17.11.1885 08.12.1968 aged 83
Marion Walker (née Cook) 06.06.1882 05.01.1968 aged 85
[ William Albert 28.01.1868 29.08.1948 aged 80
Emma Christiane (née Maltzahn) 18.09.1867 27.05.1957 aged 89
  Margaret Gaye (née Lohse) 07.08.1943 23.04.2014 aged 70




Additional information



Heinrich Johann (Henry) Wuchatsch (1866 – 1898)

Henry, the eldest child of Johann and Johanna Wuchatsch (née Graff) of Epping, died suddenly aged 31. Family legend has it he collapsed suddenly at home while shelling peas. A post mortem examination by Dr Wilkinson of Preston gave the cause of his death as 'Haemorrhage into pleura from lung'. Pleura is the membrane enclosing the lung, including the visceral pleura and the parietal pleura which are separated by a small amount of fluid. Henry was unmarried.


Henry's headstone includes the inscription:

On the resurrection morning, soul and body meets again:
No more sorrow, no more weeping, no more pain.


Ernst Adolph Wuchatsch (1884 – 1889)

Adolph was the ninth child of Johann and Johanna Wuchatsch. He drowned in a waterhole on his parents' farm at Epping on 12 November 1889 while playing with a younger brother, who stated at the inquest:

'My brother and I were playing near the waterhole - he was trying to catch a frog when he fell in.'


Emilia Emma Henrietta Wuchatsch (1857 – 1898)

Emma, who was born at Westgarthtown and lived on her parents' Johann and Magdalene Wuchatsch's farm there, was 40 years old when she tripped onto a set of harrows in long grass while walking across paddocks one night with eggs for her sister Johanna Seeber, who lived in High Street, opposite today's Lalor railway station. Her death certificate lists the cause of death as 'heart disease, injury to heart — ulcerative endocarditis — duration of last illness six weeks.'


Emma's obituary in the Lutheran monthly journal Der Australische Christenbote recorded:

'She died as a result of an accident…she bore her heavy suffering for several weeks with great patience, at the same time borne up powerfully by the perceptible nearness of her saviour and now her heartfelt wish to be at home with him is fulfilled.'

Emma was buried at Westgarthtown on 16 April 1898 in the iron fenced family grave which now contains her parents and younger brother Charles. She never married.









John Wuchatsch's headstone

Ernst Adolph Wuchatsch memorial card