Ziebell family burials

Westgarthtown Lutheran Cemetery





Given names
[ Christian Levin 09.12.1799 Brühl, Mecklenburg 04.09.1882 aged 85
Sophia (née Oldach)

28.05.1801 Kleekam, Mecklenburg

03.12.1888 aged 87
[ August Friedrich Christian 03.03.1838 06.12.1918 aged 80
Auguste (née Schleicher)   08.10.1915 aged 75
[ Carl Heinrich Alfred 23.08.1867 26.10.1940 aged 73
Dorothea (née Unmack) 14.07.1873 14.12.1969 aged 96
  Arthur Gottlieb August 18.01.1876 11.02.1887 aged 11
[ Annie Emily (née Zimmer) [A] 31.10.1912 28.12.1985 aged 73
Henry Christian [A] 28.07.1911 14.09.1988 aged 77
  Verona Lily [A] 06.05.1901 06.05.1995 aged 94
  John Christian 25.02.1869 aged 9 weeks
  Julia Matilda 26.02.1872 aged 5 months




Additional information



Ziebell family

Four generations of the Ziebell family are buried in Plot 7. The most notable grave, surrounded by an ornamental iron fence, is that of Christian and Sophia Ziebell who built Ziebell’s farmhouse. Their memorial, inscribed in both German and English (Hier Ruhet in Frieden — Here rest in peace), records the dates and places of their births in Mecklenburg as well as their deaths at Westgarthtown. Included in this grave are Christian and Sophia’s grandson Carl Alfred Ziebell and his wife Dorothea (nee Unmack). Other descendants are buried nearby.


Christian Levin Ziebell (1796 – 1882)

Christian Ziebell’s birthdate on his headstone is incorrect. It appears the monumental masons who inscribed his headstone made the mistake. His correct birth year according to German baptism record should be 1799, not 1796. The place given for Christian’s birth in Mecklenburg is also incorrect - he was born at Brühl, not Pruhl.








Christian Levin, Sophia, Carl Alfred and Dorothea Ziebell's headstone