Zimmer family burials

Westgarthtown Lutheran Cemetery





Given names
[ John   21.09.1882
Annie (née Rosel)   05.12.1878 aged 78
[ Michael   13.10.1892 aged 69
Maria (née Graff)   11.12.1894 aged 56
  John Adolphus 06.02.1859 10.07.1866 aged 7
  Anna Maria 01.12.1860 21.10.1901 aged 40
  Frederick Henry 15.09.1870 12.11.1875 aged 5
[ Michael Henry   28.04.1937 aged 70
Emma Catherine (née Yann)   13.04.1970 aged 93
  Betty Lorraine   19.12.1929 aged 17
  Charles Henry 11.05.1862 03.08.1931 aged 69




Additional information



Zimmer family

Unlike Westgarthtown’s other graves, Zimmer family members are commemorated on an imposing column which stands at the centre of Plot 13. The names recorded on this column are those of Johann and Annie Zimmer and their descendants.


Frederick Henry Zimmer (1870 – 1875)

This child, aged 5, was the son of Michael and Maria Zimmer of Epping. He drowned in a waterhole on the family's farm at Epping.


Gustav Adolph Zimmer (1868 – 1906)

Dolph Zimmer lived at Carlsruhe near Kyneton in central Victoria where he had a farm. Although Dolph is buried at Kyneton, his name is included on the imposing Zimmer family monument at Westgarthtown. He died at Carlsruhe in 1906 aged 37 when he fell from the top of a dray load of firewood and was crushed by the wheel. He left a wife Grace and four young children, the oldest five years and the youngest 15 months.