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KIA Killed in Action
DOW Died of Wounds
DOI Died of Illness
POW Prisoner of War
MC Military Cross
MM Military Medal
MM Military Medal
* Served at Gallipoli
BARTSH George Gottfried Henry 58th BTN    
BIDSTRUP Alfred Cyril 1st Aust. MGS   (Zimmer family)
BIDSTRUP Wilfrid V. H. L. 50th BTN KIA (Schilling family)
BREW Edward John 2nd BTN (Ziebell family)
BREW Robert Henry 2nd BTN (Ziebell family)
BREW William George 2nd BTN (Ziebell family)
CHARMAN Herbert Claude 24th BTN KIA (Kurtzmann family)
CONDON Andrew August Leslie 5th Pioneers KIA (Winter family)
CONDON Francis Thomas 5th Pioneers (Winter family)
DAU Charles William 6th Field Coy DOW (Winter family)
DAU Walter A. E. 2nd MGS; Graves (Winter family)
DOW* Arthur Herbert, MC. RAE. (Winter family)
EWART Alfred Stanley 24th BTN KIA
EWART Herbert Frederick 24th BTN
EWERT* Ewen Charles 12th BTN KIA
EWERT Norman Louis 4th FAB
EWERT Walter Arthur John Discharged for medical reasons
FARCKENS Harold Dennis 3rd Tunnelling Coy  
FARCKENS Jack Edward 4th LH
FARCKENS* Robert Victor, 8th BTN
FELDTMANN Ernest Henry 2nd Pioneers KIA  
FIEDLER Charles William 6th Field Coy DOW  
FIEDLER/FIELDER John Frederick 46th BTN
FIEDLER Harold 22nd BTN
FRAHM* William Albert 7th Field Ambulance   (Ziebell family)
GOODMAN George Edward 21st BTN KIA  
GOODMAN Albert Edmund 11th FAB
GRAFF Arnold Heinrich NZ Tunnelling Coy
GRAFF* Carl Frederick 3rd BTN KIA
GROENING Norman Albert 14th BTN POW
HEHR William Frederick Field, MM. 1st Pioneers KIA
HORWOOD* Edwin 24th BTN DOI (Zimmer family)
HORWOOD* Leonard Howard 13th LH (Zimmer family)
HORWOOD* Robert William 8th BTN KIA (Zimmer family)
HORWOOD Vincent 1st Aust. Div HQ (Zimmer family)
JONES Charles Edward John 51st BTN KIA (Ewert family)
JONES Frederick Geo. Sweeney 51st BTN KIA (Ewert family)
JONES John Leslie Rejected for medical reasons (Ewert family)
JONES Robert Edward Griffith 11th BTN   (Wuchatsch family)
KURTZMANN Richard Victor 38th BTN DOW
LEHMAN Percival Albert 8th LH   (Winter family)
LEHMAN Rupert Clarence Depot (Winter family)
LEHMANN Ernest Henry 57th BTN   (Graff family)
MEYER Albert Edward 8th FAB DOW  
OLSSON Joseph Edwin 59th BTN   (Schultz family)
PETERS John Julius (NZ Army)   (Ziebell family)
SCHILLING Albert Ernest Discharged for unknown reasons  
SCHILLING Frederick Wassmann 6th BTN
SCHILLING Reginald Ernest Roy Depot
SCHILLING Robert Julius 32nd BTN
SCHLEICHER Herman Edmund 5th BGROC   (Schultz family)
SCHMUTSCH* Adolph 2nd FAB   (Ziebell family)
SCHOU Elias 3rd Pioneers/AIF HQ  
SEEBER Philip Henry Discharged for medical reasons
SEEBER Victor Carl Rejected for medical reasons
SILLING Eric Charles 10th MG Coy KIA
SILLING Eugene Arthur 10th MG Coy; 3rd MG BTN
TOPP* Allan Henry 21st BTN/2nd Pioneers (Schultz family)
UNMACK* Harry Julius 4th LH    
WANKE Arthur Robert 39th BTN    
WANKE Frederick William 5th BTN DOW
WASER Alfred 4th LH    
WHYTE Melville 60th/59th BTN   (Zimmer family)
WUCHATSCH* Benjamin George, MM 9th LH  
WUCHATSCH* Francis Joseph 8th BTN
WUCHATSCH Frederick William Rejected for medical reasons
WUCHATSCH Joseph D. G. S. 15th Field Coy Engineers
WUCHATSCH* Raymond Royal 24th BTN
YANN Victor Emiel 6th MTC
ZIEBELL Albert Thomas Charles 22nd BTN
ZWAR* Dr Bernhard Traugott Med. Corps   (Zimmer family)
ZWAR Keith Henderson 4th LH Field Amb (Zimmer family)
ZWAR Raymond Albert 15th GSR (Zimmer family)